Fix The wow51900319 Error In World Of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is a fantastic game ruling the gaming market all across the world. Players from across the world are addicted to this fantastic viral game. So, when some error infects this game, it’s comprehensible that players get baffled. One such problem is the wow51900319 error in this game. In this step by step guide, we’ll tell you how to fix this wow51900319 error. 

But before that, it’s necessary for you to acquaint why and when this problem takes place. Knowing such things will assist you in fixing the issues in the future. Even with a good internet connection, this error is persistent. A lot of users have seen that this issue has much increased after the WOW Legion release.

What Triggers The wow51900319 Error In The World Of Warcraft?

According to the Blizzard Company Support service, the common idea that the wow51900319 error gives is that the user is disconnected from a server. A few of the users also face issues like Disconnected with the BLZ51900075 error or Disconnected from the World of Warcraft, which gives way the same meaning that you are disconnected from your server. 

However, it’s not the only elucidation for this issue, as several of the users have complained that even when they’ve a good network connection, the issue appears. The Support service of Blizzard says this issue was not really active before the launch of WoW Legion. Conversely, users have a completely diverse opinion over the issue. A few of the users think that the failure is triggered because of the tightened latency, which consequently, the WoW server disconnects right away when your network doesn’t respond. 

While the other users think that the wow51900319 error is triggered because of the increased graphics in every frame, so, whenever any user attempts to play the WoW legion on the high FPS, then the network connection gets weak and could not keep pace with your server because of the network latency. In our opinion, one ought to play the WOW legion on a good gaming laptop as it has a good graphics card.

How’s The Company Called Blizzard Taking Things In Their Hands Regarding The wow51900319 Issue?

For providing the players with the uninterrupted and fantastic gaming experience of WOW without the error code wow51900319, they’ve been stating such problems from the social media accounts as blizzards twitter the issue that’ll give them a new ray of hope for investigating and communicating with the others to say their side of the story and come up with an accurate method to fix it for better.

Troubleshooting The wow51900319 Issue In The World Of Warcraft:

Now, after you got acquainted with this error code wow51900319 and a few of its reasons, it’d not be hard for you to resolve the error. There’re a few of the best ways stated here for you to get rid of this error.

Fix#1: Sign Out Of The

It might also happen that any technical issue may occur in particularly the account, because of which your servers become unresponsive to the request, and thus, it causes the wow51900319 error. In such a case, you just have to sign out and in again in your game session. It’ll you’re your server to keep up to your network and will ultimately prevent this error from arising.

Fix#2: Make Use Of The Ethernet Cord

If the wow51900319 error still emerges even after you tried the method mentioned above, then we suggest you to check the network connection. As a matter of fact, you require a stable network connection to be capable of playing your game without any obstruction. 

Thus, the main thing which really matters the most is that you ought to have an exceptional stable network connection rather than a good speed. So if lest the Wi-Fi connection offers good network speed but does not have outstanding stability, then we suggest you to make use of the Ethernet cord. Such cables provide not just high speed but also promise outstanding security. 

Thus, there’ll be less network latency and, in turn, fewer non-responsiveness and disconnections with the Wow servers. Hence it’ll assist you in getting rid of the frequently happening of this error. 

Fix#3: Utilize The VPN Of Some Other Region

When you’re utilizing the WoW server of the particular area, then it may be overloaded. The number of pins can be one of the causes for this to be overloaded. It’ll, in turn, trigger the wow51900319 error, which has to be resolved right away. It’s because the wow server will be disabled, thus not permitting it to serve any requests. 

In such situations, it’s highly suggested to utilize a VPN of some other area except the one you are utilizing. For this method, to change the site, which will make sure that the server is diverse. By doing this, the issue will be resolved right away.

Fix#4: Change The Background FPS To Thirty FPS

It’s a trendy method, and it rapidly fixes the issue in a few simple steps. One of the several reasons why this error takes place is when the WoW legion switches the background. Thus, setting the background FPS to thirty is an outstanding method to the error code wow51900319. Follow these steps to figure out how.

  • First of all, hit the Esc key or click the Menu icon in your game window. After doing so, you’ll open your game menu > click to go into the System section.

  • Next step, click Advanced. It’ll make you navigate to the advanced options.

  • After that, you’ll get the option to set the maximum Background FPS. Click on the option > tick the checkbox beside it.

  • The next step after enabling the slider, you can utilize it to set the maximum Background FPS to thirty FPS.

These easy steps resolve this error in the World of Warcraft game. You can now continue the game comfortably without getting the issue.

Fix#5: Lower The Foreground FPS

As stated before, the wow51900319 error is also triggered because of the increased graphics over every frame. Therefore, whenever the player plays the WoW legion at the high FPS, the network connection loses the server because of the network latency and gets disconnected. Furthermore, this error can be observed at medium or low FPS as well. 

So, if that’s the cause of this issue, then this method can be helpful for you to solve this error in the World of Warcraft game. So how can you change or lower the Foreground FPS in the World of Warcraft game? For implementing the method described above, you have to follow these steps:

  • First, either hit the Esc button or Menu icon in your game > go to the System section.

  • Next step, by clicking on the Advanced option, simply navigate to Advanced Settings.

  • After that, look for the set maximum Foreground FPS option > tick the box next to it.

  • The next step after enabling the slider, make use of it for lowering the Foreground FPS from the current value.

Now, return to the game and see if the error persists or not.

Fix#6: Network Fix

Frequently when the WoW legion is played over the tethered LTE 4G connection, this issue appears. So, we can fix it, and it’ll automatically fix the wow51900319 issue.

  • In the first step, hit the Esc key or click the Menu icon. It’ll open your game menu > you need to navigate to the System section.

  • Next step, click the Network Options.

  • The final step, untick the Optimize Network for Speed option for completing the procedure.

This change causes your game to stick to its own protocols. The latency and ping times of the world of Warcraft don’t line up any longer, and it fixes the problem.

Fix#7: Technical Fixes Recommended By The has its own set of processes. Such procedures will assist you in solving the issue fast. Whenever such an issue appears, you ought to first navigate to the Twitter handle @BlizzardCS and then the status page of Realm. These will assist you in locating any related problems as well. They’ll also give you the added info from the different Technical Support Forums. 

If navigating to such pages doesn’t assist you in fixing the wow51900319 issue, then you can follow the below steps on the Latency Issues and Troubleshooting Connection page. But for ease, we’ve written down these steps. Follow these steps for easing the process:

  • First of all, for checking the damage or corruption, you’ve to reset the UI first. 
  • Here you’ll be capable of making certain that none of the files or add-ons are corrupted.
  • Second of all, reset the network devices such as Modem or Router. Resetting these devices will make sure that they’re not overloaded or they don’t stop working.
  • The next step, update all the Drivers. This step will eradicate any compatibility problems.
  • Then, make sure that you don’t have any network conflicts or problems. It can be accomplished by renewing the IP and simply flushing your DNS.
  • Next step, you ought to also make certain that all your apps are closed. Check that all the problems persist or not. Also, make sure that the RAM isn’t clogged up.
  • Now, the network card and graphics card driver settings ought to also be checked.
  • Next step, disable the Virtual Private Network service or any other proxies that you make use of.
  • After that, try to run a complete scan using any of your antivirus programs in the windows system. Check for all the malware and viruses in windows.
  • Next step, you can also try to disable the antivirus program in windows. The antivirus tools at times block your game from getting any data.
  • Final step, also make sure to update your firmware in windows on the modem or router.

Steps For Easily Resetting The User Interface:

  • First of all, close and exit the WoW legion. Make sure that WoW isn’t working in the background.

  • Next step, uninstall the add-on managers. It’ll stop any deleted add-on from being re-added.
  • After that, open the Blizzard app on your windows system. After launching it, click on the Options section > click Show in Explorer if you’re making use of the windows system. And utilize reveal in finder if you’re utilizing a Mac system.

  • Next step, open the folder named WoW.

  • Now, simply rename these folders as Cache to CacheOld, WTF to WTFOld, and Interface to InterfaceOld.

  • Final step, open of WoW app again and check whether the wow51900319 issue persists or not.

If you see that this problem still persists, then you can launch Virtual Store Directory and remove a few specific files in it. Follow the below method for fixing the issue. However, the iteration of your Windows operating system changes the existence of the directory. If that fails to exist on the system, you’ll locate a windows issue and, in such a case, overlook these steps.

Launch The Virtual Store Directory:

  • First of all, make sure that all the hidden files and folders are visible.
  • After that, hit the Windows + R buttons together > enter cmd in the run search bar > enter the %localappdata%\VirtualStore\Program Files\World of Warcraft\ command in the open field.
  • Next step, go on with the procedure by simply clicking on ok.
  • Launch the folder with the Program File name > search and launch another embedded folder named World of Warcraft.
  • Next step, remove Interface, Cache, and WTF folders inside.
  • Final step, exit the windows explorer and reboot the computer. After rebooting the computer, you can check whether this problem is fixed or not.

There’s one more method which you can make use of for fixing the issue. Keep reading for learning more about that method.

Fix#8: Uninstalling & Reinstall The World Of Warcraft On The System

If the wow51900319 issue still persists even after trying each method mentioned above, then you can go for this particular method. But keep in mind that it may risk all the game progress and data. For performing it with caution, and it’s highly suggested that you have to backup all the gaming data.

  • First, Back-Up the world of Warcraft data to your account.

  • Next step, uninstall the WoW game from the system and clear all the cache or residual files.

  • Then, reboot the system.

  • Next step, download the World of Warcraft once again from the official website and install it again, followed by opening it on the system.

  • Final step, simply sign back into the account to get the lost data back.

This method is, however, a little chancy method as there may be a chance that you can lose the entire game data. Thus it’s always wise that you try all the other fixes stated above, and then if they don’t work, opt for this method.


In this comprehensive step by step guide, there’re all sorts of solutions that you can utilize for solving the wow51900319 problem. Go through the entire guide cautiously before choosing for any fix. Still, for the final fix, it’s suggested that you try this solution only if all the other ones fail as it may risk losing some or all the game upgrades or data. You have to be cautious while selecting a suitable fix for the PC.

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