Quickly Fix Unable to Initialize Steam API 2021

Steam is a video game distribution app. This application is very popular and famous in the gaming community but Steam has its own problems such as unable to start steam api. This problem is that when you try to start a game, this error may occur and will prevent the game from starting and hence the game does not start.

Steam api is basically a HTTP that helps you download different games from different platform easily on the computer.

This issue to initialize the app game be due to many issues such as the Windows Firewall can block the games from connecting to the internet. The Comodo Security putting the game in locked mode because of which the game does not work. there can be many other reasons because of which the Windows are unable to initialize steam api.

Fix the Unable to Initialize Steam API:

There can be many solutions in order to fix the steam error present on the windows of that is unable to initialize steam api. 

First of all, the basic method you can use in order to start the steam application of the windows is to shut down the windows. Shutting down the windows will help you remove any bugs that might be present in the windows file. It will also help the steam to relaunch and restart and will remove any bugs that are present in the steam application of the windows. After you start the windows again you can open the steam and then check if the steam api is working or not.

If the option mentioned above does not work these are some other solutions for you to check the steam present on the windows. Some of the solutions are discussed below with the steps that you can use in order to perform that solution so you can fix the steam to that is unable to start the steam api that maybe present on the windows.

  • Change the Firewall Setting of the Steam.
  • Opt Out the Steam Beta and Restart the Start.
  • Disable the Auto Containment of the Comodo Internet Security.
  • Reinstall Steam.
  • Running the Steam With Administrator Privileges in Windows.

You can use the solution mentioned above in order to solve the unable to initialize steam api.

Method # 1: Change the Firewall Setting of the Steam:

The firewall may block the steam api because of which the games on steam may stop working. The firewall present in the windows will block the games from connecting to the internet hence the game will stop working and will be unable to work.If you are a roblox player and facing Error Code 267 solve it now.

Following are the steps you can use to change the firewall setting of the steam present on the windows on the computer and initialize the steam api and solve the unable to initialize steam api in the computer. 

  1. First of all, type Control on the search box in the windows.
  2. Then click on the Control Panel to open it.
  3. Then find the option called as Windows Defender Firewall and then click on it.
  4. Then click on OK.
  5. Then you can restart or reboot your system. To eliminate or remove any corrupted firewall versions.

This method should help you to initialize the steam api and fix the unable issue of the steam.

Method # 2: Opt Out the Steam Beta and Restart the Steam:

The steam beta is one of the most common reasons due to which steam is unbale to initialize the steam api. This is one of the best methods to resolve the unable to initialize the steam api error. Steam Beta receives the information about the games before hand and hence some of the information that the steam receives can be corrupted and then causes the issue of unable to initialize steam api. Hence, following steps should be taken for the processing of this method in order to initialize the steam api.

  1. Launch the Steam client.
  2. Now click on the Steam option present on the top.
  3. Then click on Settings.
  4. Now to the Account Tab.
  5. Now click on Change.
  6. Chose the option as “none opt of all beta programs” from the menu tab and then click on OK.
  7. Now click on the exit option and close the Steam application completely.
  8. Now right click on the Windows option from the task manager.
  9. Now click on kill all the processes of the Steam in the task manager.
  10. Right click on the Steam client boot strapper and then choose this process to end. 
  11. Now click the Yes option to confirm the process.
  12. Now reopen the Steam application and launch the games from the library tab.

Now you can see if the issue unable to initialize steam api is fixed or not.

Method # 3: Disable the Auto Containment of the Comodo Internet Security:

This default auto containment will run unknown files on the steam application. The users of the steam have an option to exclude these files from the auto containment contains by the help of making new rules and process.

To initiate this method, you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  1. Open the tasks option by clicking the green curved arrow present on the top right corner of the home screen.
  2. Open containment tasks.
  3. Click open the Advanced Settings.
  4. Now click on the Security Settings 
  5. Now go to the Advanced Protection.
  6. Then select the auto containment option and switch on the option.
  7. Click no both the options of Enable Auto containment and Enable file source tracking.
  8. Now navigate where the application is present and then download it. Now select it to open the application.
  9. Go to the reputation option and then select the unrecognized from the menu.
  10. Click on the options menu and then click the options that are required and then click on OK.

Following the steps mentioned above will help you the issue of unable to initialize steam api 

Method # 4: Reinstall the Steam:

If none of the methods that are mentioned above work to solve the unable to initialize steam api then you can try to reinstall the application. This will remove any bugs and corrupted that might be present in the steam and will sole the issue of steam api to initialize. But the process of reinstalling the steam will also remove all the games that were installed in the steam. Before the uninstallation of the game, you should back up the games present on the windows through the application. Following steps should be taken to back up the games.


  • Open the application.
  • Now choose the Settings.
  • Now go the Download Tab and click on the Steam Library Folders.
  • Now choose the games that you want to back up.
  • Choose the paste option and then copy it in the computer windows system.

Now you can uninstall and reinstall the application. Following steps should be done to reinstall the application:

  1. To reinstall the steam application, you have to exit the steam app.
  2. On the windows click on the start button and then click on the Control panel.
  3. Open the Add or Remove program dialogue.
  4. Now select the steam supplication from the list.
  5. Click on the Remove button.
  6. Now select the automatic option and then click on Ok for confirmation.
  7. Finally click on the option uninstall to uninstall the app.

This will remove the steam and the steam api. You can reinstall the steam and thus this will initialize the steam api.

Method # 5: Running the Steam With Administrator Privileges in Windows

Some of the times application needs permission to run certain games and processes. To allow this permission you have to run this administrator. This will help you to unable steam api.

Following are the steps that should be taken in order to run this administrator privileges of steam.

  1. First of all, open the steam executable
  2. Open the properties by the right click.
  3. Now go to the Compatibility tab that is found in the properties window.
  4. Now click on the option Run this program as an Administrator.
  5. Confirm any dialogue boxes that may appear on the windows screen and this will launch the administrator privileges.
  6. Open the steam application and then try relaunching the app.

This should initialize the unable the application and the application should be able to start the steam api. 

All the solution above should help you remove the error of the application present on the windows and the application of gaming in the windows should be able to work properly without any crashing of the application and then inability of the games to work on the Windows and should prevent unable to initialize steamapi.

Bottom Line:

The issue with steam api is very common now and is found in the windows very easily. This can be due to any corrupted files or blockage to the internet connection by the Firewall. Hence, using the solution and methods given above can help you solve the issue of steam api and will fix it so that you can play the game on the steam very easily without any difficulties.

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