How to Turn Off Youtube Notifications Chrome

Are you fed up with recurring youtube or chrome notifications? Well, desktop notifications are a powerful and highly applicable tool for keeping track of the productivity and performance of the various applications. But excess notifications will do no good to users except irritating them beyond imagination.

Let’s take a look at the process of how to turn off YouTube notifications chrome.

How to Turn off YouTube Notifications Chrome

Are you searching the web for blocking your notifications? Youtube is a popular social platform and youtube notifications provide a secure way of keeping track of subscribed channels.  But if you want to turn off notifications then go through the following steps and resolve your query.

Turn off YouTube Notifications Through App


If you are planning to turn off youtube notifications using the Youtube App then follow through the given steps.

  • Open your mobile settings and from there go for application manager.

  • Open the app manager and locate Youtube.

  • Click on Youtube manager. From there open the drop-down menu and look for permissions.

  • In Youtube, permissions open the permission menu and choose which app to permit for accessing privacy and data usage.
  • In the drop-down menu, you will see the camera, microphone, location, storage, and notifications.

  • Choose from there which app you want to permit and which you have to block.

  • Open the notifications and push the slider towards off to block all the notifications displayed by the app.

  • By clicking the slider you will turn off all the notifications and restrict them from appearing on the control screen.


For all those users who have to open the app on the desktop or are using it on chrome, they turn off the notifications from appearing on the youtube control menu by going through some simple steps.

Turn Off Youtube Notifications in Chrome

If you are planning to turn off notifications using Chrome then follow through the given steps.

  • Log in to the web site using google chrome
  • From there open your profile picture to see your account and settings.

  • After clicking on the profile picture, a drop-down menu will appear on your screen and you can see settings at the end of that menu.

  • Click on the settings to open the menu for notifications.

  • This action will lead you to another drop-down screen that will display the account at the top and this would be followed by notifications.
  • Choose notifications and this will open up a new window that will show you three activities to choose from.

The foremost thing will be the youtube activity which will show you the data usage and visited sites for the past couple of days. This activity will also display certain announcements regarding your account like the new device login.

The second option in this window is the email list. In this section, you have to choose the desired things or your wishlist that you intend to receive in your Gmail inbox. You can choose which things to receive or which things to not in may or may not tab displayed before this action.

The last and desired option is that of the notifications panel and this is what we are looking for.

  • Open the notifications option and chose the appearing option to turn off.

This will turn off all the youtube notifications that were appearing in your chrome section on the desktop version of youtube.

Youtube Notifications Vs Subscription feeds

Many people remain confused between notifications and subscription feeds. Well, the two terms are not synonymous and but are considered interchangeable due to their similar functioning.

The main difference between the two is that of customization and personalization. The subscription feeds show all the videos uploaded by the subscribed channels while the notifications display only the personalized updates from the subscribed channels.



Users can also choose whether they want to see all the updates, no updates, or preferred video updates of the subscribed channels.

To receive all notifications users have to simply click on the bell icon. After that, they can tap the bell icon to indicate notifications with sound and badges.

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