Fix TCL Roku TV Black Screen

Do you have a TCL Roku TV at your house? Having a Roku TV in the house is a great blessing because it gives excellent quality image resolution and offers a complete entertainment program. You have to sit back in the place and watch all your favorite movies with clear and crisp screen images.

Like other devices, a TCL TV will face various issues in which the black screen is the major one. TCL Roku TV black screen is an issue that is quite common to experience. This can ruin your whole viewing experience. In this Roku TV issue, the entire screen of the TCL Roku TV will stop displaying the image. However, the screen problem is relatively minor, so you can quickly fix it by consulting a TV technician.

What is the leading cause of the TCL Roku TV Black Screen?

In case the main screen of the TCL Roku TV has gone black, but still, you can view it, then possibly it is happening all due to the loose connections of the Roku TV wiring or cables. Somehow it might occur due to the hardware issues which will affect the TV LED lightning of the TCL Roku TV. A simple TCL Roku TV black screen fixing solution can be unplugging all the Roku TV cable and power connections and then reconnecting them again after 10 minutes. But for this blank screen fixing, you have to contact a professional technician.

Some of the common causes of the black screen will be:

  • The issue in the hardware system can cause the TV LED lightning to in trouble
  • Software is affecting the smart Roku TV
  • Cable connections of TV are loose
  • Outdated version of TV firmware
  • Issues in the Roku HDMI cable
  • Corrupted system of the motherboard or the Roku TV chip
  • Screen is Defective

Easy Methods to Fix TCL Roku TV Black Screen- A Quick Guide for Beginners

Now let’s move to the main section of the topic, which is about fixing the black screen of the TCL Roku TV. Getting the black experience on the screen is so much terrifying. So it is better to get rid of it right now. Check the below methods to fix the black screen problem.

Method no 1: Reboot your System of TV

The first method is rebooting the Roku TV system, which is similar to the one that does with your mobile device. In the same way, the rebooting needs to be done on the Roku TV system as well. Through the Roku rebooting, you will be able to get all your software and TV hardware system to be restarted again. In this way, several of the minor glitches leading to the black screen of Roku TV can easily be fixed to enjoy the quality images again.

If you want to reboot the Roku TV, you need to unplug the power outlet without switching it off. Please wait for 1 minute, and then you have to plug it back in. Once again, power it on. This Roku TV approach can also work best if you have any minor issues with the Roku TV system.

Method no 2: Factory Resetting the TV

Is the rebooting solution for Roku TV not working for you? This shows that the issue is quite serious! Hence it might be happening due to the corrupted settings of the TCL TV. This is the point when the TV factory resetting can help you to fix this black screen issue:

For resetting the Roku TV system, you have two primary ways:

  • Perform it through the Roku TV settings menu

  • Use the TV complex reset method

As you cannot get access to the Roku TV menu without the display of the pictures, then a hard reset is the best option for you to follow. To perform this method, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the side panel or the back panel of the TCL TV system. This is the place where all the HDMI and connected are located.
  2. Now look for the button of the hard reset button and press it.
  3. You have to hold the button for at least 10-12 seconds and then release it instantly.
  4. Power the Roku TV on once you have finished the whole set-up.

As we talk about the Roku TV factory resetting, you have to remove all your system settings, such as saved data and networking. And for that sake, you need to set-up your own TCL Roku TV account once again.

Method no 3: Checking all cable connections

Have you been trying to connect your Roku cable box with the TCL Roku TV? This problem might be happening due to the cable connections which are loose or not connected properly.

The HDMI cables of Roku TV will give you a slight issue if they are at fault and are not connected properly. So you have to make sure that you are not using the one which is damaged. Damaged or loose TV cables can cause various issues for the black screen, especially in the display.

The best solution would be to consider getting the TV set of iVanky high-speed braided cable. It will be streaming the HD content without any lagging concern. By braid, we usually mean that minor damage will occur. You can get this TV cable from Amazon.

Method no 4: Updating the TV firmware

Generally, the TCL Roku TV is available with the firmware, which should be up-to-date so that you can let the TV system function smoothly. In case you do experience the TV black screen with the sound, then the main issue is all arriving because of the out-of-date firmware. To deal with this TV problem, you have to:

  1. Visit the settings menu of the Roku TV
  2. Now navigate to the systems update
  3. Choose the option of update for installing the latest version of the firmware.

This option can merely work if your TCL Roku TV black screen is not affected by the menu. But if the menu is invisible, then consulting the Roku TCL customer support is the best option.

Final Verdict

All the TV fixes or solutions we discussed right above for you are best to better deal with the black screen problem in TCL Roku TV. Follow our guidelines carefully and have an incredible viewing experience on your TCL LCD or your TV all over again. Go for it now!

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