Fix Steam Error Code 105 Instantly

If you are an avid gamer, chances are you have come across the Steam platform! This is a platform for the distribution of Digital Video Games. It is owned by a company called Valve Corporation. The best thing about this global platform is that a lot of users worldwide can access it and use it to play games by either buying them or downloading them through it.

Recently many users have complained of a very specific error code popping up while using the Steam service. This has led to most being unable to access and open the store as well. The error code 105 means that your Steam app is unable to connect to your server.

Let’s discuss Steam Error code 105 in details.

What Causes the Steam Error Code 105?

There are 3 main reasons why your Steam connection might be disrupted and you have to deal with this 105 error code. We have listed them for you below!

  1. The first is if your Windows is experiencing an internet connection that is slow or not stable. When the internet connection is slow it might be difficult to open the store on Steam and the error pops up.
  2. Next, your Adblocking software might be disrupting the server and this might cause the error as well.
  3. Finally, corruption in your internet connection’s DNS configurations might also be causing the steam code error 105 to appear.

By now we have gone through the basics of what might be causing the Steam Error Code 105. As you can see, quite a few aspects of your Windows System might be causing this error. So, of course, the next logical question is, how can I fix the 105 on my Windows OS?

This is where our article for today comes in since we have compiled a thorough list of the top reasons why you might be dealing with this steam error code. These are the top 3 ways you can fix the 105:

1. Consider Deleting your Ad Blocker

Sometimes on your Windows OS, the main reason causing error code in your Steam app is due to the presence of an Ad Blocker. This is because it can disrupt the functions of your Steam Client app.

So, to fix this, you can do the following to fix the 105 messages:

  • Hold down the Windows and R keys together, then when the prompt opens, you can type appwiz.cpl there. This command is case sensitive so make sure it is written as-is.

  • Search the list and click twice on the respective Adblocker that is being used on your device.

  • You can then click on Yes and go through the remaining prompts. This will uninstall the Ad Blocker.

  • You can then simply launch and run Steam and the issue should be solved.

2. Restart your Internet Router

Sometimes this steam code error occurs when there is no stable internet connection being used. It also happens when the connection is slow. This can therefore be solved by enhancing the speed of your internet connection. A simple solution is to restart it. These are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to your Internet Router and take its plug off.

  • Now you have to wait for at least 5 minutes before you plug it back in.

  • Then, you need to see if the device has Internet Access. Start your Steam app and if the issue is resolved, this was your main concern!

3. Restart your DNS

Sometimes, your DNS settings might be showing error code 105 since they are stored on Windows that is corrupted. This will mean that these corrupted aspects might be hindering the effectiveness of certain Steam functions. So, a possible solution to fix this error is to start up the DNS settings again.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Press both Windows and R keys on your keyboard together.

  • Then you can type in cmd when the prompt windows appear and click Enter.

  • This is when the Command Prompt window will appear and you will type the following:

  • ipconfig /flushdns. (Make sure to either copy and paste this or type as it is since it is case-sensitive.)

  • Then once you have pressed Enter, simply wait till this takes effect. You may launch Steam to see if this issue has been resolved.

Final solution on Steam error code 105- Repair Tool

Finally, we have one final trick up our sleeves! This is in the form of a repair tool that is called the Restoro Repair Tool. This will search through all the available repositories and will single out files that are either missing or corrupted. Then it will replace them.

This works since it targets the main issue if it is there due to some corruption in the system. It also acts by increasing the optimization of your system to enhance performance.

In conclusion, this has been our detailed review and informational article on what Steam Error Code 105 is and the appropriate steps to take to fix this. You will also by now be aware of what can cause this error and therefore will be equipped with the knowledge required to either prevent it or fix it.

We hope that this has been an insightful journey for all our readers concerning error code 105.

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