How To Fix The Spotify Shuffle Plays Same Songs Problem?

Many individuals made Spotify as a staple and go-to music streaming platform on all of the devices. With easy access to thousands of playlists and songs, you can simply listen to the favorite artists and songs anytime. A lot of discovery of songs are created on Spotify, and even the ones who stick to the strict genre are trying. It’s simple to locate new songs with just a few taps on your screen.

Now, if you desire to listen to any song on the playlist, you can do this thanks to the Spotify Shuffle. You might even listen to some old song you’ve forgotten for years. Unluckily, a lot of users complained that the Spotify shuffle plays same songs most of the time. Instead of shuffling these songs in the playlist, just a few chosen songs are repeated. A few solutions can assist you in resolving the issue on the Spotify app. Keep reading to figure out how.

Reasons Why The Spotify Shuffle Plays Same Songs Issue Occurs?

Spotify shuffle feature can assist you in mixing and switching up the listening. It is really awesome for such long playlists or when you do not really want to follow the orders. For turning the shuffle on, you have to tap the large shuffle button on the pop-up screen. Thus, this big icon on the button will turn green. Then, you can expect for the songs to play in random orders, one after the other in a few intervals. The issue is when Spotify shuffle is not functioning correctly. You acquaint this issue takes place when an artist or a song repeatedly plays twice in a row.

More often than not, Spotify shuffle faces this because of a bug that fails your system. When its system fails, there’ll be an unanticipated result that can direct to an issue. Also, another cause is that Spotify updated the shuffle algorithm already in the most recent version. So, when you still utilize the older one, the algorithm isn’t functioning anymore. Also, do not let such common causes why the shuffle isn’t functioning rush you for uninstalling the tool. Luckily, you can still resolve it.


Fix#1: Signing Out And In Again To The Account 

The first thing you ought to do when the Spotify shuffle isn’t functioning very well is to sign out of your app account. Next, you also have to reboot the Spotify, not the device. The point is to reboot or reset the app from the bug. For doing this, you have to:

  • First of all, you have to sign out of the account. Navigate to the Library.

  • Choose Settings from the top corner > tap the Log Out option.


  • Close your Spotify application.
  • Reopen the tool and sign in to the account.

Fix#2: Avoiding Hitting The Like Button

If you keep pressing the Like button, the algorithm of Spotify will take it as the preferred taste in music and will just play tracks related to that. You can still create a playlist without pressing the Heart or Like button, so the tool will play all the tracks.

Fix#3: Sorting The Spotify Playlist

How you sort and compiled the playlist can really affect what the app is playing for you. You might have to sort the playlist so that the tool can play all the tracks, particularly the newly appended ones.

  • Navigate to the playlist you desire to sort.

  • Tap the 3-dotted icon for opening the menu > choose Sort playlist.

  • After that, you can sort that based on the Artist, Title, Recently Added, Album, or Custom.

Fix#4: Updating The Spotify App To The Most Recent Version

Another cause why the Spotify shuffle isn’t random is that you have been utilizing the older shuffle playing algorithm. In the meantime, the tool is updated with the most recent one in the most recent version. So, all you have to carry out is to update the Spotify version. If you are on iOS (iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Mac), all you have to do is:

  • First, navigate to the App Store.
  • Then, go to the Updates and check if Spotify requires to be updated.

However, if you are using your Android device, do the following:

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store.

  • Then, tap the three horizontal lines option > choose My apps and games.

  • Thus, scroll down to locate the Spotify tool. Check if there is an update option next to it > choose Update.

Fix#5: Turning On The Repeat 

  • First of all, tap the Shuffle Play option.

  • Now, search for the Repeat button or the two arrows > tap on it. Note that there’s another option with two arrows but with the number one. It’ll just repeat the same tracks. Search for the two arrows just in the circle.

Fix#6: Using The Spotify Shuffler Website

If you have tried the above methods, but the Spotify shuffle is not functioning still, then you can simply make use of the Spotify Shuffler tool. This tool is safe and free as the 3rd party for resolving the shuffling issue. However, a few individuals believed that this Spotify Shuffler tool can shuffle the songs more randomly than the Spotify app ever will. Also, this website works great for both desktop and mobile. For using it, you have to:

  • Navigate to from the device.

  • Next, you have to sign in with the Spotify account. But, make certain that the shuffle mode on Spotify is off so that the Spotify Shuffle app does not interrupt the already-randomized playlist.

  • Once you have logged in successfully, you can select any playlist you desire to listen to and simply randomize it.
  • Now, the Spotify Shuffler app has successfully randomized the playlist.
  • You can simply return to the website whenever you desire to listen to the new randomized playlists.


Besides the title as the main digital music streaming platform, the Spotify app is still prone to a few issues that can trouble millions of its users. One of the most common issues is the Spotify shuffle plays same songs issue. Now, you can simply try out one of the fixes mentioned in this article if the shuffle is not functioning. If one fix does not help you out, then simply go on to the next one.

You should better keep updating your Spotify app to the most recent version to prevent issues like this. As we acquaint, a junk or bug on the older version of the tool can trigger unexpected problems or issues. Furthermore, you can head over to the Spotify community website for more details about the ongoing issue with this shuffle feature.

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