Fix Pink Screen Of Death Error Now!

Whenever the PC experiences a few fatal system issues, it can show an error on your screen. You may have seen an error like the computer ran into a problem and requires restarting. We are just collecting a little issue info, and then we will reboot for you, and after that, the PC has shut down all of a sudden. It’s nothing but an indication of PSoD or Pink Screen Of Death.

What Is The Pink Screen Of Death Issue?

First of all, you have to comprehend about the screen of death before you consider PSoD. The screen of Death is one kind of computer OS issue where the show abruptly turns to an even color screen at the time of updating your version of Win 10. It also can show a message and provides advice to reboot your system. As stated by the users, there’re some varieties of Screen of Death problems that happen worldwide.

  • The Black Screen of Death
  • The BSoD or Blue Screen of Death
  • The Purple Screen of Death
  • The Green Screen of Death
  • The White Screen of Death
  • The Red Screen of Death
  • The PSoD
  • The Yellow Screen of Death

The term Screen of Death is utilized by the PC users as it offers no time to the users to save their work and probably offers the sign that the system may have faced serious problems with the hardware and software. The PSoD is comparatively unfamiliar compared to the Blue Screen of Death on the Win 10 system.

Pink Screen Of Death

What Are The Causes Of The Screen Of Death Issue?

The Screen of Death problem usually happens if there’s a misconfigurations on the system software or hardware. There may be a loose connection problem with the connectors or wrong video card driver or check settings that directs your system to mishaps. The excessive PC usage and recently installed software or driver can also be a cause for the Screen of Death issue.

How Can You Resolve The Pink Screen On Win 10?

From what reasons on the PC screen going pink, you’d better attempt to remove the pink computer by way of both software and hardware.

Method#1: Disconnecting All The Peripherals

According to the users, at times, the peripherals can reason this issue to emerge. For resolving this issue, you have to shut down the computer and disconnect all the not required peripherals from it. Before you switch on the computer, be certain that just the mouse, monitor, and keyboard are connected. Start the computer and check if the issue is still there. If not, the peripherals may be interfering with the computer.

Method#2: Updating The Graphics Card Driver

There may be a problem with the graphics driver reasoning the pink screen on your laptop. You ought to update the graphics card driver at the earliest to check if it can remove the issue from the system. For doing so, follow these steps:

  • Hit the Win + X keys for opening the menu.
  • Now, select Device Manager from the list.
  • Search for the graphics card on the list > right-click on it.
  • From the list, select Update driver.
  • Now, select the Search automatically for the updated driver program > follow the directions on the screen for installing the newest driver.

After the successful installation, reboot the laptop and make sure that the issue is fixed or not. If not fixed, you have to go on to the next fixes.

Method#3: Checking The Recently Installed Tools

The 3rd-party apps can direct to this problem, and if you are utilizing any screen-related or any program related to the graphics card, you may desire to remove it and checking if that fixes the issue. Users stated that apps like True Color could reason this problem to appear, so if you are utilizing this or any similar app, be certain to delete it and see if that fixes the error.

Remember that a lot of apps can leave the registry entries and leftover files that can meddle with the system and reason this problem to come back. For being certain that the problematic tool is completely deleted, we strongly suggest utilizing the uninstaller program for deleting it. Uninstaller program is a special app that can delete any tool from the computer, along with all of the registry entries and files. By utilizing the uninstaller program, you will totally delete the chosen app from the computer and make sure that the problem does not reappear.

Method#4: Testing The GPU Temperature

Overheating can also be the cause of a pink screen on your system. It frequently occurs if your system isn’t cleaned or a few dust particles affecting the graphics card. So, you have to check the temp periodically for making sure that if the high temp is the cause behind you getting the pink screen. A few users prefer to overclock the parts for achieving higher performance. But overclocking can also reason overheating problems besides the performance enhancement that can cause permanent or temporary damage to the graphics card and processor. If you ever see that the GPU temp is abnormal or rising above the suggested values, you have to delete all the overclock settings. Here we shall show you how you can disable the overclock settings.

  • First, navigate to Settings.
  • Click Update and Security.
  • Now, navigate to Recovery > click on it.
  • Then, click Restart now.
  • Navigate to Troubleshoot > choose Advanced.
  • There’s an option showing UEFI Firmware Settings. Simply choose that option.
  • Click Restart.
  • After the restart, the BIOS ought to open automatically.
  • Now search for Advance > click on it.
  • Under the Performance section, you’ll find Overclocking.
  • If that option is already enabled, then simply disable it.
  • Now, Save all the changes to BIOS and reboot the system normally.

Method#5: Reinstalling The Problematic Games

At times, the Pink Screen Of Death problem can happen just when attempting to run a particular game on the computer. Some corrupted installation usually reasons it, therefore we recommend you install your game again and check if it works out. In addition to installing your game again, it is also significant that you install the newest patches for your game and see if that fixes the problem.

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