Nvidia Control Panel Missing Windows 10, 7, 8 2021

Graphic cards are the most bought and most researched components of any computer. They help you to speed up your windows, help you with using high power rendering software on your windows and not to forget they are a gamers best friend. There are many companies offering gaming cards or graphic cards. Two stand out in the lot, NVIDIA and AMD. However, these days Nvidia has a better control of the market and more users prefer NVIDIA graphics cards over the AMD graphic cards. The reason being they are more powerful, they are compatible with the windows, you can easily control their usage on the windows, and it is easy to update their driver as well. You can easily update the driver of the card using the windows update or using the Nvidia control panel

Nvidia Control Panel Missing Error

Many users of Nvidia have complained about the Nvidia control panel missing error. They have report that the nvidia graphics cards nvidia control panel does not show up. The nvidia control panel is an essential software. Nvidia control panel can be used to display the properties of the nvidia graphics card. From the control panel one can adjust the settings and update the driver as well. Without the control panel users can not adjust the settings of the graphics card on their windows. Users have reported the control panel gone missing, there are a few reasons why the control panel would go missing, that include either a nonworking graphics card, or outdated driver, or ever sometimes there could be a random error causing the missing nvidia control panel error. In this article we will discuss a few problems and their solution to fix the missing nvidia control panel error users are facing on their windows pc.

Solutions to the error of Nvidia Control panel missing

If you are a user of nvidia and you are facing the Nvidia control panel missing error and you want to find how to fix the error of the control panel not found you are on the right page. Here are a few methods to fix Nvidia control panel missing on your windows. They include basic troubleshooting tricks and tips along with advanced tips and tricks. Make sure you do not skip any of the steps to get your Nvidia control panel missing error fixed. 

Method#1: Restarting Nvidia Services

Users of Nvidia might face the problem of the nvidia control panel not showing up or going missing from the System tray and the Desktop context menu. The fix to this problem is simple, you need to restart the Nvidia services to get your nvidia control panel back. To restart the nvidia services and bring your control panel back you need to follow s steps: 

  • Press the Windows + R button together to open the Run box, 

  • In the run box type services. MSc, and then press Enter button to start the search

  • It will open the Services windows, now you need to find all the services related to nvidia, all their names will start with nvidia, so search all of them and restart them in your services windows

  • If you find that the service is not running, right click on the service and click on Start. This will start the service. 

If it restarting gives an Error 14109 with message saying windows cannot start Nvidia Display Container Service, follow the steps below to uninstall the driver. 

  • Right click on Start button and Click on Device manager to open it.

  • After opening the device manager click on expand Display Adaptors.

  • Right click on the drop down menu and Uninstall Nvidia driver. This will uninstall the driver. 

  • Restart your PC for the driver uninstall to take effect on your windows

See if this method brought back the NVIDIA Control Panel gone missing. If it didn’t, restart your PC and check again. If nothing happens, try the next method.

Method #2: Launch Nvidia Control panel manually

You can also manually launch the nvidia control panel to fix the missing panel error. Usually, launching it manually does help to bring back the missing file of the driver. To launch the nvidia control panel manually you need to follow these steps:

  • Open My Computer folder on your windows.


  • From My computer navigate to C Drive folder and look for Program Files folder. 

  • In the Program Files folder, you will have to find the NVIDIA Corporation folder. If you can’t find NVIDIA Corporations folder in there, look for the same driver file in Program Files (x86) folder. 

  • Once you are in NVIDIA Corporation folder, open the Control Panel Client. 

  • In the Nvidia corporation folder look for nvcplui file.

  • After finding the file now you need to right-click on the nvcplui file and then click on Run as administrator option.

The file will start to run and you will see the nvidia control panel which was missing on your windows pc to start up. If the nvidia control panel fails to start up you need to consider the next solution to fix your nvidia graphics card problem. 

Method #3: Reinstalling the nvidia control panel

The other option we have to solve the nvidia control panel not found is to reinstalling the nvidia control panel either from nvidia website or through the windows Microsoft store.

To download and install the nvidia control panel from nvidia’ website to fix the missing error on windows you need to follow these steps:

  • Use your web browser and navigate to Nvidias website 

  • From the Nvidias website go to the support and download section

  • From the support and download section on Nvidia website download your required software driver

  • After the downloading completes, install the nvidia control panel by following the instructions on the screen. 

  • After the installation is completed, the missing error of the nvidia control panel will be fixed and the new driver will be installed. 

If the problem still persists, check the next solution to fix the missing error on your windows.

Method #4: Unhiding the Nvidia control panel

Users can not find the nvidia control panel sometimes and they think it is missing but in reality, it hides either cause of a driver update or by accident it gets hidden by the windows. So, users thing it is missing on their windows. To fix the missing error on windows and bring out the nvidia control panel and fix the driver update, follow the steps below: 

  • You need to press Windows + R keys at the same time, and then type Control in the Run box, and press Enter. This will open the Control Panel.

  • After the control Panel that opens, you need to double click on the NVIDIA Control Panel option.

  • Look for Desktop or View windows, click on the menu and then select the Add Desktop Context Menu option from the drop-down windows

  • Go to your computers Desktop and see if the NVIDIA Control Panel appears in the Desktop context menu. 

If it appears you have fixed the missing file error and the driver has been updated too. If not, you have to refer to the other solution given in the article to fix the missing error on your windows computer. 

Method #5: Updating the driver of Nvidia

If the above solution did not work for you, this definitely means your nvidia graphics driver is outdated. Or you have skipped a crucial update for your driver on your windows. It is not a smart move to skip driver updates, as the driver updates bring certain changes to the nvidia graphic cards and make them optimized for the users to use on their windows. If you have skipped or failed to update your nvidia graphics driver, here are the steps to update the driver and get your nvidia control panel that was missing back. 


  • On your keyboard press the combination of Windows + X to bring up a menu.

  • From that menu, scroll down and select the Device manager 

  • After selecting the device manager, scroll down and search for Display Adapters

  • There you can find the Nvidia graphics card driver 

  • Right click and click on the update driver option 

  • It will search the internet for the update and download if any available 

  • After installing the update, reboot your windows 

The driver will be updated an you no longer will have the trouble to go through the process and find the missing panel you have been looking for. Nvidia Control panel will be visible now on the windows after the driver update. 


We have discussed numerous ways of fixing the nvidia control panel not found or missing error users have face while working on their windows computers. From updating the driver, to manually starting the nvidia control panel and re installing it.

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