Fix The LG Smart TV Screen Share Not Working Problem?

Mirroring media from the laptop or PC can be quite simple if you have the LG smart TV screen with wireless capability. The procedure is made possible using the SmartShare tool on the LG TV. It permits you to watch films or listen to music stored on the PC without necessarily transferring them to a DVD or flash drive. Sharing the Windows PC to your LG smart TV screen might be simple. However, the procedure isn’t always problem-free.

There’re cases when the connection might fail to work as it’s supposed to be because of various reasons. LG screen share not working issue might appear on the Windows PC because of the problems with the Wi-Fi or if you have not connected both of your devices to the same network. Although you can resolve the majority of the connectivity issues by simply removing the previous pairing between your LG smart television and the Windows device, there’re numerous other steps that you might have to take to make sure that each issue is fixed accordingly.

Troubleshooting The LG Screen Share Not Working Issue:

You don’t require any technical skills for resolving the LG smart television screen share issues. If you can perform a little basic troubleshooting on the device, simply follow the below steps for fixing any screen mirroring problems:

Checking Your Smart TV Input:

The first thing you’d carry out is to check if the TV is set for mirroring. If your input is already set to the HDMI source, you might have problems mirroring your screen of the PC. You can change this input to the television from the settings menu.

Disconnect Other Devices:

If the Windows laptop or computer still would not connect to the LG television, make sure that you disconnect any other device from your TV. It’s because the majority of screen mirroring devices just permit you to make use of one device at a time. As such, you might fail to set up a connection between the PC and LG TV if you attempt to connect several devices concurrently.

Rebooting The Devices:

The Windows PC might develop a minor software problem that can stop you from mirroring it to the LG smart television. Rebooting your PC can fix the problem. Simply restart it and retry to connect it to the television to check if it works. The smart TV might also face connectivity problems, and restarting it can help fix the glitch. Make use of the LG remote or the button on the television for turning it off and on.

Removing Obstructions To The Wireless Connectivity:

Since the smartshare tool relies on the wireless connection to work, you might face issues if there’s something interfering with your connection. If that’s the case, contemplate disconnecting other devices from your network before screen mirroring the Windows PC. Also, check the Wi-Fi router if it’s functioning properly. If not, restart it and check if it’ll fix the LG screen share not working issue.

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