How To Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1

Although less common these days, the BSOD screen that emerges on Windows when something does not work has long been an element of the computer experience. It is not always serious and is frequently resolved with a simple restart, but at times you run into an issue that repeats itself again and again. The Kmode exception not handled error is one of such issues. Luckily, though, it is not a serious error, and it is one that can easily be resolved in a matter of a few minutes if you take the correct steps. Keep reading to figure out how.

Note: Whether you have Windows 10 or the older Windows version if the blue screen does not permit you to boot to your Windows to try the solutions mentioned below, boot to the Safe Mode instead and do some changes there.

What Does The Kmode Exception Not Handled Problem Really Mean?

Getting into the details of this error could be a bit dry and tiresome. In other words, this error takes place when apps overwrite each other’s memory which can trigger the blue screen of death and eventually direct to a complete system crash. Luckily, this Kmode exception not handled error is a simply solvable one.

Before getting into the fixes, let’s make certain we are identifying this error correctly. It’s the message that’s shown on your screen when facing the 0x0000001E issue: an issue has been detected, and the Windows has been completely shut down to prevent damage to the windows PC.

What Triggers This Error?

This issue can be triggered by any of the following problems:

  • Malfunctioning RAM. An out-of-order RAM module can cause frequent write or read errors.
  • Incompatible software apps
  • Corrupt system services or software
  • Faulty device drivers. It could be because of the recent Windows downgrade or upgrade or an outdated, misconfigured, or corrupt driver.
  • Other hardware error

Troubleshooting The Issue On Windows PC:

There’re several methods to fix the Kmode exception not handled error. All might not work for everyone, so we’ve given a few options down here for you to try to fix the PC. Let’s begin with the simplest fix.

Fix#1: Disabling The Windows Fast Startup

The Fast Startup feature in Windows 10 can be a catalyst for this error. It is the Windows feature that permits for the fast recovery from shutdown and hibernation, but that can denote it can load back in any driver issues that were there. Frequently, disabling the Fast Startup in windows can make it so that the system stays up for even longer or can even fix the error completely. For disabling the windows Fast Startup, follow the below steps:

  • First of all, look for the Control Panel in the Windows search bar > choose the best-matched result.

  • Click on System & Security, followed by the Power Options.

  • Choose the Choose what the power buttons do option from the left side menu.

  • If asked, choose the Change settings that are presently available option.

  • Under the Shutdown settings heading, uncheck the checkbox that says something like Turn on the Fast Startup.

  • When finished, click on Save changes.

If you are still coming across the Kmode Exception is not handled issue after disabling the Windows Fast Startup feature or desire to fix the error without losing its advantages, you can try to tackle the issue at the source.

Fix#2: Checking The RAM

As stated earlier, this Kmode Exception is not handled error could also be triggered by an out-of-order RAM. It can be verified by simply utilizing the Memory Diagnostic Tool of Windows. The following are the steps for identifying if there is a problem with the RAM:

  • Look for the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool in the search bar.

  • After that, right-click and run the tool as admin.

  • Then, click Restart now > check for issues.

  • During the computer restart, wait for the scan to finish.

If the scan results in any issues, it signifies an out-of-order RAM, and there’s a high chance that the RAM is what’s triggering this error on the computer.

Fix#3: Updating The Faulty Drivers

If the Kmode Exception is not handled error is because of the driver, then it’s essential to update your driver. At times the out-of-date drivers create issues in the PC performance. So you have to check for the updates and carry out the task ASAP. Well, now you’ll be thinking of your drivers that are creating the problem. The windows help you by simply specifying the driver’s name on the screen. When you get this Kmode exception is not handled issue, the driver’s name will emerge in the bracket with the issue. So you get your driver’s name, and the work left for you is to update it and fix the issue simply.

  • First, hit the Windows + S key > enter device manager in the search bar > hit enter.

  • Locate the hardware that’s related to your corresponding driver issue > simply right-click on that hardware > choose the Update driver software option.

  • Now choose Search Automatically for the updated driver software and wait for this update to finish.

  • If that doesn’t help, then you’ve an option to navigate to the manufacturer’s site and look for the respective driver. The driver update will be accessible on it. The process will take a little time, but you’ll get the driver updated.

Fix#4: Uninstalling The Faulty Driver/Software

A few of the issues are triggered by the software or drivers recently installed on the device. It denotes that you need to remove or unplug the hardware/software. If you’ve installed an application or software before the issue strikes on the device, then you ought to uninstall it. And if you’ve connected your device, then you need to remove it. Also, you have installed hardware, then you must remove it completely and see if the issue is gone. The recently installed program can be removed by following these steps:

  • Hit the Windows + R buttons for launching the run window > enter Control Panel in the command bar > hit enter.

  • Click view by > choose category from list > choose the Uninstall program option.

  • Highlight or choose the app you desire to remove > click Uninstall.

  • After removing the app, reboot your PC and see if the issue is resolved.

Fix#5: Checking For The Hardware Compatibility If The Exception Is Not Handled Issue Appears:

If you’ve recently upgraded the Windows operating system and you’re coming across the Kmode exception is not handled issue, it could be because of the incompatibility between the new version of your operating system and one of the hardware devices. To fix this problem, please turn to the official Windows documentation to check if the computer is compatible with the recently installed version of the Windows operating system.


The blue screen of death triggered by the Kmode exception not handled problem can really be exhausting, but we’ve shown several methods to fix the problem. Note that you don’t need to be a techie to fix this Kmode exception is not handled issue. However, if the issue still persists after all the attempts at the methods mentioned above, please contact the manufacturer and replace the RAM. It’s also advised to call a technician before doing so.

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