How to Unlock Keyboard Windows 10

You are trying to type an important document or a college assignment on your computer but when you start typing the keyboard is not responding and you cannot see any characters being typed on the screen? Nothing to panic about, you might have just locked your computer’s keyboard accidently on window 10 that need to be unlock to make it functional again. There is combination of keys which lets you lock and unlock your keyboard on window 10. This feature is suitable when you have attached an external keyboard to your computer on windows 10 and you only want to use the external keyboard. However, if you are facing the unlock keyboard windows 10 issue nothing to worry, we will tell you the possible reasons behind this keyboard issue and the fixes.

How to Unlock Keyboard Windows 10

There could be many common reasons behind the keyboard not working or being locked. You could have enabled the filter keys, or sticky keys, or maybe you used the combination of keys to lock your keyboard on your windows

Method#1: Check the Cable Connection of the Keyboard

Usually if the computer is placed in a place where the wires are exposed to heat or sunlight there is a chance that it might damage the wires. First thing, you need to check the connection of the keyboard with your home computer. If you are using a PS2/keyboard do check the pins to see if they are damaged while plugging in the keyboard, the pins in the ps2/keyboard are delicate and need to be handled with care. Next if you are using a usb keyboard double check the wire and try to replace the usb port. If the wires are fine and the port is working fine but you cannot unlock your keyboard then there must be some other issue. For other methods keep reading the article as we have explained most of the common reasons behind keyboards getting locked and solutions to unlocks these locked keyboard on windows 10


Method#2: Turning off the Filter Keys on Your Windows 10

If the entire keyboard is not working except for a couple of keys you might have accidentally enable the filter keys. The filter keys just allow a couple of keys to work and locks the whole keyboard. So this might be the reason your keyboard is locked and you are unable to type anything. To disable the filter keys, you need to press the right shift key present on your respective keyboard for approximately 8-10 seconds till the notification pops up of filter keys on your windows 10. Or you can simply use the windows search bar to find the filter key settings as the search bar has made it easy to search for almost all the settings on your windows 10. This is how you can turn off the filter key through the control panel:

  • Open the control panel using the settings menu in windows 10

  • Navigate to the ease of access settings in the control panel

  • Now scroll down to the explore all settings in the ease of access section

  • Click on Make the keyboard easier to use option

  • A new window will open in that windows turn off the sticky keys option along with the filter keys option

  • To make sure windows does not enable the filter keys again you need to disable them permanently

  • Navigate to the disable sticky keys keyboard shortcut settings and turn off the turn on sticky keys when shift is pressed option

  • Now, in the disable filter keys option, disable the keyboard shortcut

Now you have permanently disabled the sticky keys and filter keys on your keyboard. The next time your keyboard gets locked and you are unable to unlocks it, you will be able to narrow down the cause as you already had disabled these two options. If your keyboard is still locked and you are unable to unlocks the keyboard on your computer this other method might help you.

Method#3: Turn off the Num Lock Key in Windows 10

If you used the num pad side of the keyboard a lot and when you are trying to use it and it is not responding to the button press. Chances are you have pressed locked the num key on your keyboard. There is a very simple way to  fix this keyboard issue, all you need to do is press the num key button again on your keyboard. It will unlock the num pad side of the keyboard and you can continue typing in numbers or symbols using that side of the keyboard. You can also disable the num lock from the registry editor but it is not advised to do so as you might mess up all the settings and then you might need to re-install the windows on your home computer which is a long process overall. If there is some other problem with your keyboard try this other method to fix the issue on your keyboard.


Method#4: Update or Re-Install the Driver

If you have attached a new keyboard to your computer and the windows is unable to recognize the keyboard attached to your computer, chances are that the windows unable to download the required driver for your keyboard. You can use the windows driver updater to find and look for a driver or you can go to the website of the keyboard manufacturer and download the exact update and driver for your keyboard. Usually the keyboard comes with a cd of drivers but if you did not get any you can always download it from the website. After downloading and installing the driver n your computer you will be able to use your keyboard and you will not get the keyboard locked error.


In the article above we have discussed many reasons why your keyboards appear to be locked and does not let you type anything on your computer. It could be due to you accidentally locking your keyboards, or it could be due to a faulty wire or a usb port, or the driver might be outdated or the computer might refuse to detect the keyboards due to a missing driver. Even sometimes accidental press of the shift key while playing games or doing any other activity might cause the keyboards to get locked. All the reasons were explained and their solutions mention in the article above. You can follow the steps and unlocks your locked keyboards and start working on your projects or documents.

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