How to Install Pygame on Windows 10?

Do you want to know how to install Pygame on Windows 10? If yes, then this is the right pace for you to have quick know-how about the install process of Pygame on your Windows 10. But many of you might not aware of what Pygame is all about. So first of all we will discuss Pygame and then we will move to the Pygame install guide.

What is PyGame all about?

As we talk about the Pygame, it is all about the set of the Python Modules which is all tailored in terms of programming and writing of the video games. Python Windows is also involving the use of the SDL which is the Simple Direct Media Layer. You can install to add the functionality and often optimizes the whole environment for the creation of the game. Programmers can make use of Pygame just to craft some of the functional games as well as multimedia programs by the way of using the Pygame install language.

Apart from bringing the intuitive platforms for the game design, Pygame is even coming out to be portable and has been capable to run each of the operating systems. It has 100% free and yet to be released under the course of the LGPL Windows license

Step by Step Guide on How to Install Pygame on Windows 10

Now let’s just not waste time and give you a quick step guide on the install process of Pygame on Windows 10:

  1. First of all, you have to make sure that the latest version of the Python 3 has been installed on the PC system. You can visit the latest official website of Python 3 for having the installation of the latest version.
  2. As you plan to run the system of Python installer, you will be selecting the customize install. Click the next option and then check the box which is next to the install option for all the users. Click the Advanced Options list. After it, you have to click the “Pygame install” option.
  3. As soon as Python 3 has been install up, you will launch the software of File Explorer. Click the PC and then you have to choose the drive where the Windows have been installed. This can be the C drive. Now you have to double-click on a folder of Program Files (x86) and then you will double-click on the Python folder (i.e. Python 36-32).
  4. In the next step, you have to click the path which is inside the text box over the top windows of File Explorer. Copy the Python path in the clipboard.
  5. In the 5th step, you will be launching the option of Python Control Panel. For performing this step, you will be opening the Python Start Menu and then you have to search the control option from the search box. You will generally see the Control Panel in the start menu.
  6. Now click the option of System and Security, and then the Python System and then Advanced System Settings.
  7. Next, a window will appear in which you have to click the option of Environment Variable.
  8. Now you have to edit the option of the Path system variable. For performing this step, you have to select the path in the system variables box of your new window and then click the edit option.
  9. In the next step, you have to click the NEW and then paste the specific Python path into the empty box which has been generated.  For saving the changes, you will click the OK option twice times.
  10. In the next step, you will be opening the command prompt which is your administrator. For performing this step, you have to open the start menu and then search for the CMD in the search box. Right-click on the option and then choose the Python Run as the administrator.
  11. In the box of Command Prompt, you have to type CD, and then with space in it, you have to right-click on the Python basic Command Prompt for pasting the path to the Python. After it press, Enter.
  12. Now you have to type the command as “CD Scripts” in the command prompt and then you have to press ENTER.
  13. Next, you will be uninstalling the Pygame and then you have to enter the command again in the command prompt as “pip install pygame” and then press ENTER.

This is how you will be able to install the Pygame into Windows 10 without any hassle. If you want to verify the install success, you have to type the command in Pygame that should have successfully installed. To verify this, type the following command to launch the Python interactive interpreter which is “import pygame” and then press ENTER.

Once everything’s up and running smoothly, you’re all set to create your very first Pygame instance! Before you start making a basic Pygame program, you’ll need to do a little more post-installation setup.

Details about Post-installation

If you want to make the use of every single module, you have to import the Pygame. There is a basic command which you can use which is “import pygame”. After that you will be running the command of “pygame. init()”. This command helps let the Pygame work smoothly and effortlessly integrate all the commands.


Well, we hope that with this tutorial you must have got enough information about the whole tutorial of the install process of the Pygame in Windows 10. It might be complicated and a little intricate for the beginners until and unless they have not explored the command platform yet. You have to invest all your time and effort to learn the whole Pygame install process.

It is our the best recommendation for all the newbies to check the official website of the Pygame and get an idea about the overall command basic concepts and Pygame install process of this software. Follow our instructions carefully!

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