How to Install Pkg File on Windows 10

There is always something new to learn in the computer world. While using a windows pc you might have came across different kinds of extensions such as exe, jpeg, mp4 etc. Every file has its own way or its own installer to install. Today we will be talking about the pkg extension file. Pkg is a file extension which is use by different applications or programs. It depends on the operating system and on the programs, you have installed or download on your windows. It contains two types of file installation file and an exe file. PKG files have a vast variety of formats and ways to open. Here we will discuss a few.

Guide on How to Install Pkg File on Windows 10

There are different types of pkg files and all of them have different requirements and software which are needed to run and install the pkg extensions file.

Opening Symbian package file in windows:

The Symbian pkg extension file are database text files that contain the information about the installation. Such as the name of the provider, languages this pkg extension file supports and the software they are dependent on. Symbian was used by Nokia in their old phones. You cannot open the Symbian pkg extension file directly in windows. As we mentioned earlier, they are text files so you can open them using a notepad or a text editor in windows.

Opening Playstation Store Pkg Files in Windows 10:

PlayStation store files come with the pkg extension file. If you downloaded a pkg file from the PlayStation store on your computer there are chances that you will not be able to run it on the windows as they are made to be installed or opened on PlayStation supporting files. This format is only compatible with the Sony PlayStation devices. To run that file you need to transfer the file to the PlayStation 3 or PSP using a usb connection or using a memory card or through network connection.

Running .Pkg File on Windows:

You can use a file extractor such as winrar or winzip to extract a pkg file but you cannot install a .pkg file on windows as it is made for other operating systems. The file inside the .pkg files are meant for other OS, it will damage your windows if you try to install it. You can open the file using a zip extractor but it will not install on windows.


Opening a Package Using Cocreate on Windows

There is certain Pkg extension file that are created by Cocreate modeling programs, these software are used for 3d modeling in the smallest format so it can be easily transferred through the internet. If the pkg format is of Cocreate you can easily open it on windows using the cocreate software. It can be downloaded as a free software from their website you can also use the acrobat dc viewer to view the pkg file on windows.

Opening Pkg File with midtown Madness 2

Midtown madness 2 is a race simulator which also can open the pkg extension files as they contain 3D modeling files too. You need to download midtown madness software to open the pkg file. It is a free to download software, you need to visit the website and download it for free. If you are not able to open it using the midtown madness software you need to use Zanoz Zmodleing program. It is also a three-dimensional modeling tool which can open the pkg file. This software is free to download too. You can open the PKG file by clicking on open new file and then selecting the pkg file.

Opening PKG file on MacOS

If the PKG file you are trying to load on windows belongs to MacOS then you won’t be able to install it or open it as its incompatible with the windows. You need to have a MacOS or an apple device to run this kind of PKG file. If you have a MacOS you can double click on the pkg file and you will be able to open it like any other files you open on your windows.


As mentioned earlier the pkg extension files has many variants and they all need different kinds of software to run. It is not possible to run all kind of pkg file on the same system or using the same software. You need to have multiple software to run multiple pkg file. Windows does not support the pkg file by default but the software that are mentioned above in the article can help the user to open and see what the files includes. Windows 10 users cannot install or run the file directly. They need specific software to run the pkg file with ease on windows.

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