How to Do Screen Mirroring Windows 10 to Samsung Smart TV

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the electronic markets. They manufacture Tv, smartphones, home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators etc. Samsung smart tv are one of the best one could get in the market. They picture quality is amazing, the sound quality is much better than others and the best part of the Samsung tv are that they are now integrated with android which means you can easily connect your phone or your laptop to your Samsung smart tv and mirror your screen. Using the smart mirroring feature on the Samsung smart tv you can easily share videos, pictures from your phone or your laptop to your smart tv. Thanks to the advancements in technology now we can easily screen mirroring windows 10 to Samsung smart tv using a wired or a wireless connection.

Methods to Screen Mirroring Windows 10 to Samsung Smart TV

If you ever wanted to share the pictures or videos stored on your laptop on a big screen such as your Samsung tv with your family using the screen mirroring feature but you did not have a Samsung smart tv. But as you bought one and want to learn how to do so, so here are a few methods which can help you to use the screen mirroring feature to mirror your laptop screen to the Samsung tv.

Method#1: Using the Miracast Device for Screen Mirroring a Windows 10 Laptop to Your Samsung Smart TV

The first method you can use to connect your windows laptop or pc to your Samsung smart tv is by using the Miracast technology. This technology lets the users screen their windows 10 laptop’s screen to the smart tv using hdmi over WIFI technology. It is a screen mirroring technology which uses the internet connection. It lets the two devices create a connection using the wireless networks they are both connected too. This technology was introduced in the windows 8.1 update and later on has become a normal feature in windows 10 update. It is capable of connecting and playing HD videos from your windows 10 laptop to your tv. It can also display all the activities of your laptop running on windows 10 on to your Samsung smart tv.

Here is how you can mirror the screen of your windows 10 laptop to your Samsung smart tv:

  • Go to your computer settings and then click on “Devices”.
  • After clicking on the devices option, now navigate to the “Connected devices” and click on “Add a device”.
  • Wait for your computer to finish searching devices and from the available options, click on your TV when it detects it.
  • If your computer doesn’t automatically connect your TV, right-click on your mouse and choose the Display settings.
  • In the display settings, set the multiple displays to “Duplicate these displays” and then click on Connect to a wireless display.
  • Once your TV is detected, click on the “Connect” button to finally mirror the screen of your windows 10 laptop to your Samsung smart tv.

While using the Miracast users tend to face some connectivity problems, sometimes they are unable to play their videos or sometime they face disconnection from the tv. It does not allow multitasking either. This is useful if you want to connect to a smart tv temporarily, a permanent solution is mentioned below.

Screen Mirroring

Method#2: Connect Your Windows 10 Laptop to Your Samsung TV Using a Chrome Cast

Chrome cast is one the reliable streaming devices available in the market. It is designed to connect and stream media between a smart tv and a smartphone or between a smart tv and a windows 10 laptop. Using the chrome cast you can easily stream your music, your videos, pictures, even you can stream Netflix and other streaming sites without any lag.

Here is how you can mirror your windows 10 laptop to your Samsung smart tv:

  • Take your chrome cast out and plug it into the hdmi slot of your smart tv, and connect the usb powered wire into the usb port or into any power outlet.
  • Install the Google cast extension by searching for it in the google chrome store.
  • After installing the extension, open a new tab on your windows 10 chrome browser and click on the connect button.
  • Finally, when your laptop detects the external devices, search for your TV and click on it. And then you can mirror PC to TV.

The chrome cast is a good alternative but keep in mind that you need a stable internet connection to keep easily screen the windows 10 laptop to the Samsung smart tv.

Method#3: Samsung Screen Mirroring Using the Samsung Smart TV App:

The Samsung smart tv app helps to connect your windows 10 laptop to your smart tv without any lag. All you need to do is own a 2012 Samsung smart tv model or above to make screen your media from your windows 10 to your smart tv. You need to download the app from the Samsung website, after downloading it, install the application and start the application on your windows. It will automatically detect the Samsung smart tv and connect to it.


You can try all the three mentioned methods to mirror the screen of your windows laptop to your Samsung smart tv. If you are still unable to do so, contact the customer support at Samsung, or you can use the conventional way of using an HDMI connection to mirror the screen of your windows 10 laptop to your Samsung smart tv. This way you can enjoy some of the benefits of your tv and display your videos and picture which are stored on the laptop to your tv. It is not as portable as the wireless connection but this way too you will be able to share your memories that are stored in your laptop with your friends and family on the tv using the wired connection and enjoy the moments with your friends and family.

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