How to Clear Cache on Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire tablets are of fantastic value and provide its users with an unbelievably affordable method of playing games, watching movies, and browsing the internet on a bigger display than smartphones. But, sometimes, they can also be slow; there is no way around that. A huge part of that is the budget-level hardware the company powers the cheap tablets with, and unluckily there is not much we can carry out about that; after all, we cannot just get more RAM.

But there’re a few methods that can help you out in improving things, and one of these methods is to cleat the cache memory of your amazon fire tablet, and we legitimately think that they are worth taking. We are not the miracle workers, certainly, and these steps would not turn the tablet into a really high-end device, but there is a high chance you will see a considerable difference in the performance of your amazon fire tablet afterward. Simply follow the steps mentioned in this how to clear cache on amazon fire tablet guide to doing so.

How To Clear Cache On Amazon Fire Tablet?

For improving the performance of your Fire tablet you can choose to clear the cache partition. If you are not acquainted with that, this partition is the space Android provides to applications for storing some temporary data. It is usually not essential to manually cleat this cache partition, but it does frequently make a difference on your amazon Fire tablets, particularly the ones that have been utilized for quite a while now. It’ll not remove any of the application cache or file data. The cache partition just has temporary files that are usually removed automatically.

  • First of all, shut down the amazon Fire tablet by simply holding down its power button.

  • Once it is turned off, press both the volume down and power buttons. Once you notice the boot logo of Amazon, you can release the power button but still keep pressing the volume button until the recovery screen is appeared.

  • On this recovery screen, simply scroll through its recovery menu utilizing the volume keys until the wipe cache partition option is chosen.

  • Then hit the power button for entering. Make certain that you do not choose the factory reset option wrongly. You will then be prompted to confirm the choice.
  • Once you return to the recovery screen, simply scroll down to the power down option and choose it.

  • After that, press the power button again (without pressing the volume buttons) to turn the tablet back on.

Clearing The App Data & Cache On The Eighth Gen And Newer Fire Tablets:

You can fix the intermittent program performance problems by following these steps:

  • First of all, go to the Settings menu > choose Select Apps and Notifications.

  • After that, choose manage all apps or see all … apps and select the program you’re having issues with.

  • Next, choose Storage > Clear Storage or Clear Data > Clear Cache.

The Bottom Line:

There is simply no way to get around the different bottom-of-the-barrel processors that the company puts in the tablets, but hopefully, this how to clear cache on amazon fire tablet guide has helped you in speeding up the amazon fire tablet a little bit.

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