How to Enable Webgl Chrome

Google chrome being a very customizable and the most used browser over the world. It allows you to change as many settings as possible. One of the options on google chrome is enabling the webgl or more properly called as Web Graphics Library. This web is a JavaScript that allows the users to render high performances and interactive 3D or 2D computers within the browsers that is compatible for a browser without any plug ins. This web graphics library was initially released in March 3rd of 2011. The developers of this web graphics library were a company called as Khronos Webgl Working Group. 

This is fully integrated with web standards, allow different GPU usages of physics and image process and different effects of the web pages canvas. This web consists of control codes of JavaScript and share coder that is written in the Sharing Language of some sort. The elements of this web browser can be mixed with other HTML elements and composited with other parts of other browser pages and browser page back ground.

How to Enable Webgl Chrome:

There are many different pathways through which you can try to enable webgl chrome

 You can enable the webgl through three ways on the chrome. These three ways are listed below.

  1. Through google chrome.
  2. Through Firefox.
  3. Using safari.

Connect Webgl Through Google Chrome:

Follow the steps that are given below in order for you to enable the web on the chrome.

  1. First of all, click on the google chrome icon that is on the desktop of the windows.
  2. Now type chrome://settings in the address bar that is present on the top of the chrome.
  3. This will open the setting panel of the google chrome.
  4. Now navigate to the Advanced Tab and then click on it. This advanced tab is present on the bottom of the Settings menu.
  5. Now in advanced tab go to System and then click on it.
  6. Now go to Use hardware acceleration when available and click on it to connect it.
  7. Now type chrome://flags in the address bar present on the top of the google chrome.
  8. Now select the Enable option that is next to Webgl 2.0 Compute option.
  9. After enabling the option click on the blue button in the lower right corner that is the Relaunch Now button. This button will relaunch the google chrome with webgl.

This will connect the web on the chrome for google chrome. Follow the steps mentioned above for the proper method to be performed in order for the process to be correctly done to enable webgl:

Enable Web Graphics Library Through Firefox:

You can also use Firefox in order to connect the webgl on the chrome.

Follow the steps that are mentioned in detail below in order to connect it properly through Firefox.

  1. First of all, open the Firefox icon that is present on the desktop.
  2. Now type about:config in the address bar of the Firefox. This address bar is present at the top of the page.
  3. Now click on the blue button on the page as I accept the Risk. This is warning for any sort of instability of virus that may enter through the browser while performing this process. Click on this button to accept the risk and continue the process.
  4. Now type webgl.disbaled in the search bar of the Firefox.
  5. This will display the settings of web.
  6. Now double click on the webgl.disabled option and change the true option to false option by double clicking on it.
  7. Now type about:support in the address bar. this will display all the information about the Firefox.
  8. Now you have enabled the option of webgl Driver render. And connect to both the Webgl 1 Driver Render and Webgl 2 Driver Render.

Now you can check if the graphics is enabled on the chrome or not and if can enable webgl.

Enabling the Web Library Through Safari:

You can also start the web on chrome through safari. 

You have to follow the following steps in order for the web graphics library to start on the chrome:

  1. First of all, you have click on the safari option on the desktop of the.
  2. Now click on the Safari option that is in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  3. This will open a drop-down menu.
  4. Now from the drop-down menu click on the Preferences Tab. This is the third option on the drop-down menu.
  5. Now the windows of Preferences will open.
  6. Now click on the Advanced Tab from the preferences menu. This tab is present on the top of the preferences menu.
  7. Now click on the box next to Show develop menu in the menu bar present on the bottom of the advanced tab. 
  8. Now a drop-down menu for the Develop menu will open.
  9. Now click on the Develop menu.
  10.  In the develop menu go to the Experimental Features and click on it for a sub menu drop-down.
  11.  Finally click on webgl 2.0 option that is present in the Develop sub-menu. 
  12. This clicking will connect the webgl on the chrome for you to work on.

Hence, this is also a way through which you can enable the webgl on the chrome.

Bottom Line:

The web graphics library is high performance and interactive JavaScript that is used in 3D and 2D web browsers that is used for the we browsers without any sort of plug ins. But this webgl needs to be activated in the chrome. And there are few routes through which you can connect this web graphics library in the chrome. All the possible ways are discussed above with proper steps for you to follow in order for you to perform the method perfectly so that you can connect the web graphics library easily to the chrome and this will help enabling webgl. All of these methods will you help you to connect the web to the google.

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