Fix Dosbox this Program Requires Microsoft Windows

Do you know what DOSBox is all about and what DOSBox this program requires Microsoft Windows? As we define DOSBox, it is known to be the open-source emulator of DOS for running certain applications and DOS games. There are specific windows supported under the DOSBox, which includes Windows 3.x and Windows 9X.

What is DOSBox all about?

DOSBox is also available with the second version, which is DOSBox-X. This version is considered to be much more reliable and flexible in providing advanced features. DOSBox makes use of the SDL library for fully emulating the set of early operating systems for your PC. It even gives vital support for the advanced classic file systems as well as CPUs or the sound. In short, it seems to be compatible with everyone. Hence, DOSBox this program requires Microsoft Windows. It would not be wrong to say that it has undoubtedly become a stand-by for some of the PC system’s perfect functioning sites. By the term SDL, we also mean that it is one such version existing for various platforms such as OS X and Linux. Plus, you will also find this program capable of timing the compatible implementations of specific serial ports. Another capacity of the DOSBox is to move into peer-to-peer or the internet/intranet set of networking.

4 Important Methods on Dosbox this Program Requires Microsoft Windows

Let’s check out the 4 major methods on DOSBox this program on various platforms:

Method No 1: Method to use DOSBox by Installing DOSBox

    1. Firstly you need to download your latest version of the DOSBox. It is available to download for free from the official website of
    2. Once it is downloaded, you have to run it in the installer. By using your default location, you can change the location of its installation. You can make it add into any drive of your own choice.
    3. You can even copy the files through the old disk installation which is around you.
  • Finally, start the DOSBox! Once it gets started, you will add on to the virtual command prompt Z:\>.

 Method No 2: Method to use DOSBox by Mounting Drives 

  1. First of all, you have to browse into the folder of the main program within Windows Explorer. You have to note the full folder path to the main program folder. This folder will appear in the central location bar at the top of your Windows Explorer window.
  2. Now you have to type the command within the window of DOSBox window. You have to replace the “C:\Users\Name\Example Folder” within the main path of the program’s folder. This command type has to be “mount C “C:\Users\Name\Example Folder.”
  3. Next, you have to access the main mounted program’s drive, which is inside the DOSBox, through the command “C:” (without quotes) and then press “Enter.”
  4. You have to mention the EXE file name for successful execution. For instance, in case if your program name is”Example.exe,” then you have to type “Example” and then press “Enter.”

Method No 3: Method to use DOSBox by Using Fronted Program

  1. First of all you have to install and download the front-end program. If you need that the use of command prompt is not easy, then you can easily download the fronted program. We have the best example of D-Fend Reloaded which you can get for free.
  2. Now you have to run the D-Fend Reloaded. As soon as the installation is done, you can start the D-Fend reloaded for managing the games. You will have all your games arranged in the left pane.
  3. Double click on the game which you want to start playing. Possibly the color scheme of your Window will change temporarily. But the game is still running for supporting the colors of old DOS.

Method No 4: Method to use DOSBox for Running a Game

  1. First of all, you have to open the browser and then visit My Abandonware.
  2. Now you have to choose the platform and then look for the various DOS games. 
  3. Pick the game which you want to play and then choose the option of download. 
  4. You have to place all your downloaded files in the folder, so it becomes relatively easy for them to access them. 
  5. Now you have to mount the game folder into the section of C: drive. It is easy to run the mount command and then passing it into the C drive first. This will be all followed up by the specific path towards the game folder. It needs to be written as mount c /path/to/game/folder.
  6. Now type “C” and then change the folder directory to a new folder.  
  7. Once you have written the name of the .exe file, you have to press the “enter” option. This is how DOXBox will launch your game. You can use either keyboard controls or the on-screen icon of the mouse. 
  8. To exit the DOSBox, you have to type the command “exit” to move out from the terminal.

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