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Yalla Apps helps developers from around the world submit their WP7 apps to the Marketplace in the smartest way.


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    • What are the conditions to sign up for Yalla Apps application submission service?The Yalla Apps application submission service is available to all countries except the Launch Markets (Please click here to see a list of Launch Markets). more
    • How will my application be displayed in the Windows Phone Marketplace?The product description of your application will include the following sentence: Developed by [Your Developer Name]more
    • What happens if my app fails the certification testing?If your application fails certification testing, you will receive an email notification and a status change in your Yalla Apps dashboard. A Test Summary Report will be provided that lists the associated tests and/or policy rules that failed testing. Questions regarding the failures can be presented through the Contact Support option in the Yalla Apps website or posted on the technical forums. Failed certification and app re-submission are chargeable. more

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