Fix Avast Slowing Down Computer Windows 10, 7, 8

To keep our data safe and secure and out of the hands of any hackers or malware, users tend to install different kinds of anti-virus software anti-malware shields. This software detects viruses or malware, disinfects them and saves your computer from getting slow. The common practice is to install a free version of any software such as Avast and install it on your computer hoping it will not slow your computer. Some of the free antiviruses such as Avast etc. do not slow down your pc, but sometimes such an error may occur. You might feel your computer is slow and lags other times it will run the way it is running.

Is Avast slowing down the computer?

To an extent, this might be true. Antivirus software does have an impact on the processing speed of the computer. As antivirus such as Avast, run in the background and do their automatic scans, deep scans, disinfection even when one installs a new app or downloads the file from the internet, avast is running in the background which may slow down the computer to an extent. Avast also uses the internet connective to compare the malware and viruses and even their behavior from the online database during every scan to keep itself up to date. This increases the size of the virus database avast has which is stored on the computer, resulting in slowing down the computer. However, you are in luck as the avast company has already taken notice of this problem and somehow has helped to resolve this problem of the avast slowing down the computer. There could be other reasons why avast slowing down the computer such as third-party extensions or any additional tool is running alongside avast which is slowing down the computer. The other reason why avast slowing down your computer could be it running its update automatically when you turn on your computer. So yes, there is a slight chance that avast slowing down the computer. No need to panic or worry, there are plenty of solutions to deal with avast slowing down the computer. Here are a few methods or tricks that can help you get rid of avast which is to slow down your computer.


Method # 1: Run Avast after loading your windows

The first solution for avast is that to run avast after loading your windows. Usually, the window services and avast have a conflict, due to which it can slow down your computer. If you load avast after you load your windows, then everything will start to run after you have loaded your windows. It will have less stress on your ram as it acts as the power behind starting your computer. To do that you just need to tweak a few settings in avast.

To tweak the settings, you need to:

  • Load avast on your computer,

  • Click on the menu button and then choose settings from the menu button.

  • After choosing the settings tab scroll down and click on the troubleshooting tab.

  • Once the troubleshooting tab is open in avast, scroll down to the option where it says “Delay Avast startup”

  • After checking that box exit avast on your computer after saving the settings. If this is the reason avast slowing down computer then you have fixed the problem.

  • The only downside of this fix is that avast does not operate during the startup which may be harmful for your computer as it can get infected while starting up. You may have stopped your pc from slowing down, but it might be more vulnerable to infections during the startup.

Method # 2: Disabling background updates

The computer speed may be slow when avast is updating its database and the software itself in the background. It may start to download the latest version while you are working on your computer and run the update in the background which may slow down your computer. This can also occur while you are gaming on working on your office work. This could be annoying for you. To fix this problem there is a simple way of disabling the background upgrades to make sure your computer is not slowing down due to avast. To disable the background updates, you need to tweak the settings of avast again.

  • Run the avast software on your computer.

  • Click on the menu button and navigate to the settings options. Once in the settings option navigate to the update’s settings.

  • There under the virus definitions action, click on more options and then choose the option you like, whether you want avast to ask you when updating the software or you want to manually update when you feel like it.

  • This option will help you to stop your computer to slow and you can use the maximum speed of your computer and work or game on it the way you like.

Method #3: Clean space on your hard disk

  • If your hard disk is nearing its full capacity you need to either delete unnecessary files or copy your important files to your portable hard disk or usb device.

  • As if your hard disk is almost full that can be one of the main reasons your computer is

  • Your computer is using the same space as well as avast, so to keep your computer from not slowing down you need to clean the storage space on your hard disk.

  • This will help your computer to run smoothly as well as avast will do its job without slowing down your computer.

Method #4: Increase ram of your computer

If the memory of your computer is low and you are running high-end software along with avast on your computer it will definitely slow your computer. Avast eats up memory along with the other software, leaving almost nothing for other software to use. This will cause the computer to get slow down and stutter. It will affect your work and it could also lead to a corrupted window. To increase the speed of your pc you need to increase your memory if it is running low and avast is slowing down your computer. Upgrading the ram will give enough memory to both avast and other software on your computer, you will not face any lag or stutter and you will be able to do your work with ease and without any interruptions from avast. 

Few other techniques to speed your computer up

If avast is still slowing down your pc, there are a few additional settings you need to check to make avast not slow your computer. These are the additional settings:

  • Deactivate avast community and data sharing option. You can disable this option in your settings option. There navigate to the general settings and then press on the privacy button. When inside the privacy setting uncheck the two boxes having the label of participating in avast community and Participate in data sharing. This will make avast not send data when in the background and will not slow down your computer.

  • The other setting is switching the mail shield off. This is only useful if you are not using the email app that is outlook available on the windows rather using a browser to access your email. To switch off the mail shield you need to go to the settings of avast and find the mail shield, disable the mail shield by choosing the option of stopping permanently. This will stop this additional feature and will help your computer to run smoothly.
  • You can remove additional tools of avast that you do not use. Avast has plenty of additional tools. This can slow down your pc if you are not using them frequently. To uninstall an additional tool of avast you need to open up the control panel and navigate to the uninstall a program option. Then select the avast tool. Right-click on the avast tool and click uninstall. It will uninstall the avast tool, freeing up space on your hard disk as well as on your memory. This will help to boost up your computer and your computer will no longer be slowing down.

Remove Avast Antivirus from Add/Remove Programs


Here we discussed a few viable solutions if avast slowing down the computer. If everything fails in the end, we would suggest uninstalling the avast software and switch to another antivirus. If the problem still persists, you definitely either need to upgrade your system or install a fresh new window. As the free version of avast is not as powerful as the premium version. It might have missed out on a few malware which might have slowed down your computer’s performance. Which may have resulted in your slow productivity and lag in your gaming experience. It is suggested to upgrade the security of your computer by either purchasing the avast premium software or purchasing any other premium version of anti-virus. This way you will be able to enjoy the maximum performance or speed of your system, otherwise you will keep falling victim to a slowed-down computer which will only frustrate you and nothing more.

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