Quickly Fix AURA Service Is Currently Unavailable

The ASUS Motherboard provides AURA service by default. This AURA service enable the user to customise their RGB light system, LED strips, RGB RAM and RGB fans and can even turn off the AURA controlled lights according to their will. Many users have confessed that the AURA provided by the ASUS AURA service ,works perfectly fine however on the other hand some users might face an issue by receiving an error code saying “ASUS AURA service is currently unavailable”.

Causes behind the AURA service is currently unavailable issue:

Usually the AURA works perfectly fine however some technical issues can cause the AURA sync to not work desirably and showing the AURA service is currently unavailable error.  Following are some of the possible reasons behind this AURA related issue:

  • One of the major cause of this AURA error code is the Installation File, as according to a large number of users the ASUS AURA service installation could go corrupted because of any reason.
  • Another very common reason for AURA issue to arise is when the AURA can not sync with all the components attached with the device.
  • If the installation path for ASUS software is not kept default, there is a high risk that the user might face the issue of AURA generated by ASUS service is currently unavailable
  • If a software other than the one provided by ASUS AURA service, is installed for AURA controlled light system, than the newly installed software will contradict with the default server causing AURA to not work accordingly.
  • Compatibility issue is another important reason behind the above mentioned AURA issue, if the hardware is not compatible with the ASUS AURA version, than the user will be getting the error code while managing the RGB light system controlled by AURA. It is important to note that AURA sync works on AURA sync compatible ASUS Motherboard only.
  • AURA sync issue may also happen when the Central Processing Unit aka CPU is over performing.

Solutions for the ASUS AURA SYNC and Currently Unavailable ISSUE

Based on the possible reasons behind the AURA sync error as mentioned above, following steps could help to resolve the currently unavailable AURA issue.

Solution #1 :Turning off the Fast Start-up feature

The windows provide this Fast Start-up feature to minimize the reboot time of the personal computer. All the necessary information is collected while shutting down and bases on the data collected, the boot time is reduced. Even though this app does not hamper the Installation process but after AURA installation is completed this Fast Start-up can  hinder the AURA or the ASUS AURA services, so it is better to disable this feature by the following steps.

  • Open the Run window and type control panel on the search bar, from the Control panel of the windows, select the power option available

  • Click the what the power buttons do to move forward in this procedure.

  • Select the choose settings that are currently unavailable option on the screen.

  • Lastly, uncheck the box available for turn on fast start-up to turn off the quick Start-up .

  • Restart your personal computer, and let the system to reboot to inhibit any existing AURA

If the AURA is still not working properly after doing this,  other steps could also be taken to fix the AURA sync issue.


Solution #2 :Check the RGB connections properly

Before turning on the system, make sure that the 3 pin ARGB or the 4 pin RGB header is connected accordingly  and not loosely with the AURA ASUS Motherboard. As well as make sure that the RGB header or the AURA ASUS Motherboard is not physically cracked or tampered before turning on the system.  If the connection is according to the manual provided by , then the system will start up with the AURA controlling the lights desirably. And if the connection is not properly executed then the AURA will not work properly and the AURA sync  issue will be shown as error code 0×0003 which indicates AURA not working properly.

This is why for the AURA to work accordingly, it is necessary to recheck the RGB header connection to avoid any issue related to AURA sync.

Solution #3 :Discard other software available for the RGB light control system

As mentioned above, most users believe that by introducing new RGB software  will make the system more efficient but they are wrong as AURA is known to conflict with other RGB light system applications which includes Cooler Master and  Corsair as all the applications mentioned use the same basic component provided. By installing software other than the one provided by the AURA itself, this newly installed software will actually contradict with the default server and the AURA issue will be generated.

In order to prevent this AURA issue, you need to first open the RUN dialog box and type appwiz.cpl to login to the uninstall program. Identity the original AURA controlled RGB light software and then from the control panel of the Personal computer uninstall the other software available for RGB light system.

Once you are done with this procedure, restart your personal computer once again. After doing this, the AURA issue should be resolved , Incase if it is still appearing on the screen you can proceed to the next step as mentioned below.

Solution #4 :Reinstall the ASUS AURA Service:

After taking all the steps as mentioned before, if the AURA issue still exists, then this last step could finally help to get the AURA to start working again properly and AURA sync error to resolve.

The last available option is that you need to uninstall the available ASUS AURA service from the personal computer and then by visiting the official website provided for AURA, reinstall the AURA service from there. Or update the AURA version from the same website. For this , the AURA uninstaller is used by the following steps:

  • Install the AURA cleaner utility

  • On the executable file, right click it and select RUN as administrator, as a result the AURA will be deleted with the files saved by the user.

  • Unplug the power cable after turning off the personal computer. Remove all the attached devices and give a 5-10 minutes break before starting afresh.

  • Browse the official website for ASUS AURA as provided and install the latest application version available

  • Without changing the installation pathway, run the executable file. Otherwise the application will not be functional

  • Restart the system once the ASUS AURA service is installed and check if the AURA sync error still

How to use the ASUS AURA sync:

It may sound complicated, but ASUS AURA is actually very easy to use and to control the AURA managed RGB light system. By opening the AURA sync file all the RGB components will be shown from here we can select which component will connect with the AURA ASUS motherboard by clicking the circle under the component and then pressing the refresh button to save changes and then the AURA can manage the combination of LEDs as the AURA sync comes with 12 lighting and we can select the desirable effects from the panel provided.

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